Petting Farm


What could be more fun than bringing an entire farm to your birthday party or event? Our traveling farm animal exhibit is displayed in a show and tell format with hands on experience for each guest with each animal!

Our Animals

Our Services

Small Events (Kid's Birthday Parties, etc.)

A one-hour long presentation of our 

After the show and tell our wonderful pony will give each child a pony ride and the birthday child getting a second ride as a treat!

Pricing: $300 (one hour presentation)

Large Events 

Our petting farm is displayed in country style wooden fencing! One pen has poultry, another has a goat, sheep, alpaca and mini horse and the last has two rabbits or a rabbit and a ginea pig. (One rabbit has a rabbit friend, one rabbit has ginea pig friend however the older rabbit has tenure so our hands are tied)

Petting farm is now also available for Christmas nativity scenes.

Pricing: $200/hr (3 hour minimum)

NOTE: Travel fees will also apply on all packages depending on distance to the event.